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Public Contact Details Euroguidance Romania

National Centre for Vocational Guidance – Euroguidance Romania

Euroguidance Romania is hosted by the Institute of Educational Sciences. It was established in 1999 as part of the Euroguidance Network and for the past 15 years has been a resource centre for career counsellors and school counsellors from all backgrounds (the educational system, the labour market and NGOs).

Our aims are to:

  • help build a community of counsellors that exchanges professional information and practices;
  • support transnational cooperation and the mobility of counsellors within the Erasmus+ framework;
  • create and distribute publication for the use of guidance counsellors;
  • promote training opportunities for the counselling community.

Centrul Naţional de Resurse pentru Orientare Profesională – Euroguidance România


Contact Details
Str. Ştirbei Vodă nr. 37
Bucureşti 010102

Web: www.euroguidance.ise.ro/

Email: euroguidance@ise.ro