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6th European conference on Lifelong Guidance policy in the Netherlands


Organiser: Euroguidance Nederlands / Email: pdeursen@cinop.nl

In 2016 Euroguidance the Netherlands will organize an European conference on lifelong guidance policy.

The target group of the conference would be anyone involved in lifelong guidance policy. Euroguidance staff members are very welcome.

 The preliminary plan is to facilitate a 1,5 day programme in June 2016.

One day will be a content based conference. The programme will focus on themes in career guidance which have priority in the Netherlands. This might be one or more of the following themes: cooperation between education and labour market, the potential of ICT in guidance services, implementation of the ELGPN Guidelines, regional cooperation between education and other stakeholders to fight youth unemployment.

The additional half day is intended for a feedback session on the plans for the European commission led working group on lifelong guidance policies (the follow up of the ELGPN).

 We cordially invite you to include the conference into your Euroguidance work plan and we are looking forward to meet you on this exciting event!

Please note the 1st June is a provisional date, subject to change

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