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6th European Conference on Lifelong Guidance Policy

13 - 14Jun2016
Haarlem, The Netherlands

Haarlem, The Netherlands

We are very happy to let you know, that the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in cooperation with Euroguidance Netherlands, will organise the 6th European conference on lifelong guidance policy, as indicated in the last ELGPN network meeting in Finland. We all expressed the relevance of continuity of our work on lifelong guidance and to exchange our policies and experiences.


The programme will start Monday morning and will end on Tuesday after lunch. We are still working on the content of the conference. A main topic will be regional cooperation and regional structures in career guidance. Therefore Euroguidance Netherlands will make an analysis in cooperation with Euroguidance centers in Finland and Estonia. Input will be the organisation of regional cooperation and finances, success factors and other relevant elements from various countries. Also related issues such as decreasing youth unemployment and early school leaving will be topics. A half day might be dedicated to a feedback session on the plans for the European commission led working group on lifelong guidance policies (the follow up of the ELGPN). The programme will be available at the end of March / beginning of April.


The  conference, which will last for one and a half days, is aimed at participants who are involved in national and regional, policy and practice of lifelong guidance. There will be a maximum of two participants per country – excluding any participants that we will invite as experts or representatives of a European guidance related organisation.


Travel and accommodation costs will not be covered by the organisation and have to be paid by participants themselves. This also applies to representatives of guidance related organisation.

We cordially invite you to save the dates of 13-14 June and we hope to welcome you in the city of Haarlem, the Netherlands.

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