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Paths to Professionalising Career Guidance

26 - 27May2016
Arna Novak St. 1, Brno

The aim of the international conference “Paths to Professionalising Career Guidance” is to give space for academics, researchers, guidance services providers, practitioners, education and training providers, and policy makers, to open a wider discussion on professionalising career guidance services. The conference with its focus is linked to a seminar “Inspiration – Connection – Action. Training and Research in the area of Career Guidance in Higher Education Institutions” held in November 2015 in Brno; the conference is at a same time a reaction to suggestions strongly expressed during the seminar.

Venue: Masaryk University

Arna Novak St. 1, Brno

Organiser: Euroguidance Czechia (Czech Republic) and Masaryk University / petr.chalus@dzs.cz

Cost: Free

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