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Work Experience Elements in Tertiary Education and Vocational Training Schemes in Germany

18 - 19May2016

Organiser: Euroguidance Germany

Our study visit will cover following key questions:

How does the German Dual Vocational Training model work?

How does this differ from a tertiary-level Dual Undergraduate Degree?

What can the German Public Employment Service do to help young graduates find their first job?

Our Study Visit, will have as its core aspect the interpolation of theory and practice-based elements in vocational training schemes and undergraduate degree courses.

We will highlight the specifics of the dual vocational training model in Germany and compare it with the finer points of dual undergraduate courses offered by providers of tertiary education in this country.

We will look at specific examples of these during our visit to a global player; we will also look at the work experience elements of various undergraduate degree courses as well as the Careers Services provided by the German Public Employment Service to this target group.

Participants are required to carry all travelling and accommodation costs on their own behalf. Refreshments will be provided during the day. The maximum number of people taking part in the event will be limited to 10.”

The study visit will be organized by our Euroguidance colleagues from Berlin.

If you are interested to take part in the study visit please contact for more information my colleagues in Berlin Heike Stoof-Sasse and Eric Modrof by e-mail  zav-ips-berlin-brandenburg@arbeitsagentur.de  

Best regards

Ilse Lore Schneider

Coordinator Euroguidance Germany

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