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IAEVG Annual Conference 2015

Nine Thematic Fields

  1. Delivery Systems for Lifelong Career Guidance to All Citizens
  2. Career Counseling Approaches to Empower People who are Discouraged and Disenfranchised
  3. Public Policy for Diversity
  4. Education: Pathways that Lead Individuals to Construct Career and Life
  5. Call to Action: Addressing for People who are Socially Isolated, the Needs of NEETs, and Youth Unemployment
  6. Community Action: Collaboration Among Stakeholders in Building Partnerships
  7. Assessment, Measurement, and Evaluation: What We Know Works
  8. Professional Development: Preparation and Training for the Career Teacher and Practitioner
  9. Restructuring Careers under Promising Practices


Tsukuba, Japan


September 18 – 21 2015

More Information

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