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Guidance System in Austria – Training

Type of training and entry requirements  Main contents Duration Institutions offering this training, including contact detail

Lehrgang “Bildungs- und Berufsberatung“

Entry requirements:

practical experience in guidance or qualifcation in pedagogy, psychology or social work,

minimum age 25 years


Contents: Labour market fields and profiles, the Austrian education system, guidance methods and concepts, information management, networking, career choices and gender, funding structures, professionali-sation of guidance, tools and methods, group counselling, distance counselling


3 Semester

397 training units



bifeb – Bundesinstitut für Erwachsenenbildung (Federal Institute for Adult Education), Strobl, Austria



Ms. Marika Hammerer

Ms. Ingeborg Melter (bifeb)

Trainer/-in für Berufs- und Bildungsberatung

Entry requirements:

Experience with group trainings and / or qualification in the field of social work, psychology, pedagogy or human ressources

Minimum age: 25 years

 Acquired qualification:  „Diplom in Beratung und in Training“ (Diploma in Counselling and Training“) 1 year (start October)



Wifi Wien




Ms. Margit Voglhofer

Ms. Martina Eichlinger


Diplomlehrgang Bildungs- und Berufscoach

Entry requirements:

Practical experience in group trainings, and/or practical experience in the field of pedagogy / social work

Minimum age: 20 years

Acquired qualification:

“BFI Wien-Diplom”

7 months

200 training units



BFI Wien




Mr. Herbert Korvas


Lehrgang Bildungs- und Berufsberatung

Target group: guidance counsellors with practical experience and  – not yet officially certified – formal training

Certification within the frame of the ECGC – European Career Guidance Certificate; further training


Acquired qualification:

Akademische/r Expert/in (3 Semester)

Master of Arts (MA) / 4 Semester


3 Semester (60 ECTS) or 4 Semester (90 ECTS)




Donau Universität Krems / Department für Weiterbildungsforschung und Bildungsmanagement





Ms. Ulrike Kastler