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Guidance System in Bulgaria – Introduction

The legislative basis for career counselling is formed by the following acts:

  • Public Education Act – defining the right of all pupils (students) in the system of school education to be guided, stimulated and supported in correspondece with his/her needs, wishes and capabilities.
  • Vocational Education and Training Act  –  defines the right of vocational guidance for all pupils in the systems of VET. In addition, the law provides for creation of centres for information and guidance that will be open for all young people in the school education system.
  • Employment Promotion Act – creates provisions for the vocational guidance of adults. People in search of employment are entitled to have the right of vocational guidance.

Guidance of young citizens is one of key priorities in National Strategy for Lifelong learning (2008-2013), National Programme for Development of School and Preschool Education (2006 – 2015) and National Strategy on Youth (2010-2020), National Strategy for the Child (2008-2018).

Career Guidance in School Education

The main providers of career guidance at school level are the pedagogical advisers. They are supported by career counsellors from NGOs.

A network of regional career guidance centre will be launced in 2012. All young people will have the opportunity to receive free career guidance services.

Career Guidance in Higher Education

The network of career centres in the university is established and provides guidance as to choice of profession. In addition the centres are info points for different employment and internship opportunities and are the live link with the business.

Career Guidance for Employees and Unemployed

The main provider of career guidance is the National Employment Agency and its local subdivisions: the Labour offices.

In addition the National Employment Agency is the EURES point in Bulgaria and offers support to citizens in the their employment mobility across Europe.

Other Initiatives

The NGO sector is very active in implementing EU-funded projects in the field of career guidance and developed several web portals that support young people’s choice of educational and professional development:

The network of Youth information centres was created to support young people’s motivation for further development through formal and non-formal education activities.