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Guidance System in Belgium (Flanders) – Introduction

Career guidance is generally integrated into a wider range of activities and is usually related to initiatives aimed at providing education and training or employment. Various terms are used to refer to efforts in this field, for example educational and vocational guidance, school career guidance, work path guidance, learning path guidance, career orientation, life career guidance, and so on. Various services are currently involved in the provision of these types of career guidance inFlanders.

These services differ from one another because:

  • the target groups differ;
  • the objectives and intended results differ;
  • they have been established not by government initiative, but by sectoral funds;
  • they may or may not be part of a broader partnership or alliance;
  • they employ specific methods or in any event methods applied differently according to the target group or the influence of legislation;
  • local authorities may or may not be involved;
  • their career guidance efforts may be related either closely or indirectly to other forms of counselling (health, integration, mental and social functioning, learning to learn, etc.);
  • a different government minister is responsible;
  • different bodies have direct responsibility for implementing initiatives and achieving results.