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Guidance System in Latvia – Introduction

The goal of guidance and counselling services in Latvia is to help individuals make choices concerning their education, training and career planning at different stages of their lives, not only when they are young.

The Ministry of Welfare (MW) and the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) share the responsibility for the organisation of guidance services in the public sector in Latvia. The White Paper on the Career Development Support System (approved on 26.03.2006.) defines the role and the responsibilities of governmental authorities. The bodies maintaining educational institutions, usually municipalities, also share this responsibility to provide guidance and counselling to youth.

The division of tasks between these two systems is clear. Schools have the main responsibility for student vocational guidance, and the guidance and counselling services of employment offices (operating under the supervision of MW), are available free of charge for persons from the age of 15 who are employed, looking for work, engaged in or planning learning.