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Guidance System in Lithuania – Introduction

Career guidance covers information, counselling and guidance services helping persons in different age categories to choose their own pursuits in the area of education, training and employment and to undertake an active role in the development of their own professional career. Career guidance in Lithuania accommodates the same trends prevailing in Europe: career guidance is being organized as a basic element of the Lifelong Learning Strategy and fundamental part of employment policy.

The formation and development of the career guidance system in Lithuania is under the responsibility of two executive authority institutions of Republic of Lithuania – the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Social Security and Labour. To ensure the accessibility of career information and counselling services, a special focus is put on career guidance information systems. Therefore, Lithuania, like other EU member states, has joined a single European information system, comprised of EURES and PLOTEUS. The Ministry of Education and Science is in the developing stage of integrating new PLOTEUS portal to AIKOS (Atviro informavimo, konsultavimo ir orientavimo sistema – Open Information, Consultation and Orientation System) guidance system, which makes data on education, statistics and labour registers available to a wide range of customers and offers relevant information to career guidance services providers.