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Guidance System in Slovenia – Introduction

Educational and vocational guidance in Slovenia has a long history, since vocational guidance gained its professional autonomy in 1955. Vocational guidance in the frame of the Employment Service of Slovenia as leading National institution in the field of Employment and guidance has got a new impulse with vocational information and counselling centres’ network which has expanded through Slovenia from 1998 onward. Career orientation in Slovenia operates on three mutually complementary levels:

  • guidance and counselling provided by education and training institutions,
  • career guidance and information services provided by employment service and
  • private providers of guidance.

The purpose of guidance and counselling services is to support individuals in making educational choices and career plans based on the principle of lifelong learning. In the year 2011 a new Labour Market Regulation Act which has come into force also regarding lifelong guidance. It is consisted by providing labour market information, independent career guidance, basic and in-depth career counselling and as well career management skills. Labour market regulation act defines services for labour market and active politics of employment with career guidance as one of the activities. This is implemented by The Employment Service of Slovenia and the concessionaires. The public education sector with school counsellors and guidance counsellors in employment sector are responsible for guidance and counselling. Counsellors from both sectors offer quality and up to date information and service.