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Guidance System in Switzerland – Introduction

In Switzerland, the main responsibility for career guidance lies with the cantons. They coordinate their work at the national level.

You should visit the career counselling centre if you wish to find out about the possible ways to further education or apply more detailed thought to your professional future in Switzerland. At this centre you will find information on all kinds of further education and professions. The career counselling centres have an Infothek at their disposal. The Infothek functions like a library. You can go there during opening hours without an appointment, find out about various professions or further education and, as a rule, borrow relevant material. At the Infothek there are many other leaflets and data on all kinds of subjects as well as addresses of advisory bureaux in your area. This data is in the local national language. Very little information is translated into other languages! If you cannot get any further on your own in the Infothek, you can register for a personal interview in which you can discuss your situation with one of the professionals (register in the Infothek or by telephone). This discussion takes place in the local national language (other languages on request) . The career counselling centre does not handle job vacancies, but you can discuss, with a professional, career possibilities or look for new ideas. With the help of the adviser you can plan your way for a suitable job or further education.

Each canton has at least one vocational guidance centre. Vocational guidance centres are often known by spezial names or an abbreviation: In German-speaking Switzerland, BIZ, Laufbahnzentrum, in French-speaking Switzerland, OP, OSP, OROSP, CIO, CIP, OOFP, and in Italian-speaking Switzerland orientamento, UOSP.