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Euroguidance Highlights 2015

The Euroguidance network has published a booklet dealing with the highlights of each Centre’s work in Highlights Cover 20152015.

Many centres focused on some sort of online service such as downloadable brochures, interactive games or toolkits, new websites or other online services.

For other centres, the most important thing in 2015 was networking with other organisations to promote mobility, whether domestically or internationally.

A few centres give out awards for good projects in guidance and others hosted big national or international conferences or fairs.

For come centres, the training of guidance professionals was the highlight of the year.

Three centres gave specific attention to services for young people who contemplate a stay abroad and other three focused on innovation of some sort.

Ana Carla Pereira, Head of Unit for “Skills and qualifications strategies; multilingualism policy” in Directorate General Education and Culture of the European Commission has written a forward on the importance of guidance services and Mika Launikari has written on international mobility cross border cooperation.

Mika Launikari (Finland) and Dóra Stefánsdóttir (Iceland) edited the texts, Mick Carey (UK) read the proofs and Monika Rajeckaitė (Lithuania) was in charge of the layout.

To download a high resolution copy please click on the illustration to the right. To download a lower resolution copy (3Mb) please click here: Euroguidance Networks Highlights of the Year 2015