This intermediate course is intended to provide further knowledge of a number of psychological disorders. Symptoms and causes of each disorder and key papers will be discussed in class. We will also explore theories of causation and treatment.

Classification of normality and definitions of abnormality will be covered with reference to the recent DSM-5 changes. Thereafter, a different psychological disorder (e.g. panic disorder, phobias, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder) will be covered each week. Each class will begin with coverage of the disorder's defining symptoms, after which the main theories of causation will then be explained, followed by discussion of the main treatments.

The focus will be on psychological causes and treatments in addition to discussion of drug treatments. Key papers will be set and discussed in class. This class requires students to have some basic knowledge of each of the disorders (such as that conveyed through other Psychology courses with the department). The course aims to extend this introductory knowledge of these disorders whilst enabling students to discuss them, in order to better understand themselves and others.

Ewert Place, Oxford, UK