This course introduces Systemic Family and Couple Therapy approaches that help people with psychological difficulties to mobilise the strengths of their relationships, to make disturbing symptoms unnecessary or less problematic.

The course is an introduction to systemic family and couple therapy and would be of value for those in organisational consultancy and development, the fields of health, psychology, education and social care. The teaching focus is on ways of observing and understanding the interactions between people in family, couple, organisations and professional relationships. It looks at methods of intervention and different applications of systemic theories, perspectives with people across the developmental lifespan.

The module is of value in a variety of settings, interviewing for research projects and mediating discussions. Systemic questioning is of value in most settings. An active method is promoted to help mobilise problem solving abilities in families and groups. Interviewers are encouraged to be reflective on their own views and attitudes and aware of how their views might affect their work with families or groups. The module involves in-class practice exercises in order to understand context and reflexivity.

Ewert Place, Oxford, UK