Webinar Frameworks Career Guidance for young people in the Netherland ánd Ireland

In this webinar - English language will be used- the Dutch Framework for Career Guidance for young people will be discussed. The framework is a service document for careers professionals that offers guidelines for shaping and implementing career education and guidance policy at educational institutions.

 In addition, Linda Darbey, Guidance Programme Coordinator NCGE (National Centre for Guidance in Education in Ireland), will present  framework developments for career guidance in Ireland.

 The webinar is intended for professionals in the field of career guidance as well as Euroguidance staff members.

A registration link will follow soon!

Read more about the Dutch Framework for Career Guidance for young people. 

Information on the Irish framework development can be found on:

Whole School Guidance Framework

Programme Recognition Framework

  • Event date May 31 - 31, 2018
  • Registration deadline 2018-05-31
  • Organiser Euroguidance the Netherlands
  • Event cost None
  • Event website www,euroguidance.nl