For young people seeking guidance, the DiagOriente platform offers for free, career opportunities to discover, based on identifying their skills and areas of interest.

Its originality lies in the educational approach with a threefold objective: to learn in a fun way to translate one’s experiences into skills, to map one's “transversal skills”, specifying for each a level of mastery while connecting them to professional situations.

It is accessible, free of charge, to all young people and the professionals supporting them.

The platform offers a guided orientation path in three stages: knowing oneself, projecting oneself, committing oneself.The tone and interface were designed for a young audience, specifically targeting young people leaving the school system without a qualification or with a first level of qualification.

The “Knowing yourself” section is dedicated to identifying skills and areas of interest. Personal, professional or engagement experiences are to be described in terms of activities; then the system suggests related transversal skills, to be rated in terms of level of mastering.

The second part of the “Knowing yourself” section focuses on identifying areas of interest. The personal profile feeds career suggestions through one algorithm.

The third part of the platform, "Engage", is backed by geolocated professional internships or apprenticeship training offers.

Several games enable one to discover, in a fun way, the logic of the skills approach used.

Specific functionalities are offered for guidance practitioners.

 DiagOriente is a platform built around several clearly defined principles:

  • developing education to guidance and to“learn to learn” about one’s experiences,
  • the control of the users over the algorithm, by weighting one’s centre of interest and experiences, in order to determine the importance they have for career suggestions.
  • the transversal skills map is built on the basis of a proven framework, the result of several years of experimentation (ie European project Rectec

DiagOriente was developed as part of a “State start-up", and is rolled out within the frame of the "Youth Guarantee" support scheme.

Field experiments have helped refine the services offered.

In early 2020, Diagoriente was deployed in 166 “local missions” and over 10,000 youth accounts had been created. The platform is expected to reach 800,000 young users.

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DiagOriente, an innovative guidance platform for youth
  • Author / Originator: The French ministry of Labour backed by a “state startup” (Id6).
  • Country of origin France
  • Resource launch date January 06, 2020
  • Main focus Career Development
  • Modality Remote
  • Context Employment (PES), Youth Work
  • Type Intervention
  • Target group Jobseekers, Disadvantaged groups
  • This practice developed through Erasmus+ No
  • Website