With help of pictures, students in secondary school, who want to pursue vocational education or training, can discover which training profession would best suit their interests. This tool does not require profound language skills and is therefore interesting for young people with a migrant background or refugees.


1st The start screen

You have three answer options to the question "what do you want to be?"

  • I have no idea yet.
  • I know which area I want to work in.
  • I already have a dream profession.

 If you chose

  • “I have no idea yet”: you continue with step 2.
  • “I know which area I want to work in”: you can type in your desired area and continue with Step 3.
  • “I already have a dream profession”: you can type in your desired profession and continue with Step 4.

2nd Step

Photos appear one after the other for 3 seconds. They show typical branches of work in different training professions. You can mark the photos with "I like" and "I don’t like". After 3 seconds, the next picture appears. If you do not select a picture, it will automatically be rated as “dislike”.

3rd Step

You will receive work areas, e.g. "professions in the service sector", which match the selected pictures of your selected area. You can take a close look at these pictures by carrying out the activities-check. To do this, you rate six typical activities from this area of work. If you like the activity, you click on the heart. If you do not like it, you click on the X.

4th Step

After your activities-check has been evaluated, you will receive the names of suitable professions. The professions are listed according to your "likes" in the activities-check. Now you can research the specified professions in detail. You can read job descriptions, daily routines and daily reports. You can also look at pictures and films. If a profession seems especially good to you, you can mark this profession in the results list.

5th Step

You can now print out the professions you have bookmarked in your results list. Take the document with you to your career guidance counsellor to see if your strengths match the profession you have found or you can post it to your friends on Facebook.

Try it out for yourself!

PROFESSIONS discoverer
  • Author / Originator: Federal Employment Agency Germany
  • Country of origin Germany
  • Resource launch date March 19, 2021
  • Main focus Career Development
  • Modality Remote
  • Context Schools, Youth Work
  • Type Tool, Intervention
  • Target group Secondary School Students, Disadvantaged groups
  • This practice developed through Erasmus+ No
  • Website http://entdecker.biz-medien.de/