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Foreword                                                                                                       Introduction

                         The turbulent times we are currently experiencing due to Covid-19 are putting a spotlight on the need          The Euroguidance network is co-funded through the Erasmus+ programme and coordinated by the
                         to invest in skills and guidance. And one key to success in addressing this common challenge is through        European Commission (DG EMPL). The network consists of Euroguidance Centres in  34 European
                         exchanging experiences and approaches across borders, be it face-to-face or virtual in times of social         countries whose mission is to promote the European dimension in lifelong guidance as well as to
                         distancing.                                                                                                    foster international learning mobility by means of guidance services. Its key target group is guidance
                                                                                                                                        practitioners in education and employment among them counsellors who provide information and
                         This new Highlights publication is testimony of the work of the Euroguidance Network, the national             guidance on international mobility to end-users seeking studying and training opportunities abroad.
                         centres and their stakeholders in the area of guidance and mobility. 2019 saw further work on the
                         competence development of guidance practitioners, as well as their Europe-wide learning mobility,              In 2019, the Euroguidance network implemented its “New Ways of Working” which had been adopted
                         cross network co-operation, the exchange of good practices and information and the promotion of the            by all member states in 2018. The goal and the benefits of the new structure are addressed in the
                         European dimension of lifelong guidance.                                                                       first chapters of this edition.
                         As we look ahead to recovery from the economic and social impacts of Covid-19, (online) guidance and           The  Highlights  2019  delivers  insight  into  some  of  the  most  important  activities  the  individual
                         digital skills throughout the workforce will be more needed than ever. Fresh thinking and cooperation          Euroguidance Centres carried out at national as well as at network level during the course of the year.
                         on e-guidance and on digital approaches to guidance can be part of the answer, helping people reflect
                         on and communicate their skills as they look for new opportunities in a very challenging labour market.        We hope that you, the reader, will truly benefit from the information provided and the examples of
                                                                                                                                        the work undertaken.
                         One milestone on the long path to recovery will be the launch of the new Europass, planned to go live
                         in July 2020. In light of the current crisis, the Commission wants to ensure that Europass is available to
                         support the many people who will face new labour market challenges, and will increasingly be turning           Thank you for opening
                         to online tools such as Europass. Euroguidance centres have an important role in publishing learning
                         opportunities on Europass and in the provision of guidance information at national level.                      'Euroguidance Highlights 2019'
                         Euroguidance centres have also contributed to the recent Commission study on lifelong guidance policy
                         and practice in the EU, exploring trends, challenges and opportunities. As guidance and learning take          and enjoy the read!
                         place in increasingly diverse settings, often with ICT becoming more embedded, the study suggests
                         that a single practitioner, professional group or organisation will no longer be able to respond to the
                         increasing need for support among very diverse user groups. More multi-professional and cross-sectoral
                         networks will be needed, and Euroguidance centres are well placed to use their expertise to help create
                         such networks.
                         The European Commission welcomes
                         the  commitment  and  expertise  of
                         the Euroguidance network. As a key
                         actor in the area of lifelong guidance,
                         actively developing and sharing good
                         practices on the competence deve-
                         lopment of guidance professionals,
                         Euroguidance is well placed to con-
                         tribute to Europe’s path to recovery.
                         We look forward to continued close
                         collaboration and good results in
                         2020 and beyond.

                         Alison Crabb, Head of Unit Skills
                         and Qualifications, DG Employment,
                         Social Affairs and Inclusion,
                         European Commission            © OeAD-GmbH/APA-Fotoservice/Hörmandinger

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