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 1               network meetings

 EUROGUIDANCE –   The biannual Euroguidance network meetings
                 are  a  valuable  forum  for  national  Euroguidance
                 experts to engage both with each other and with
                 representatives of the European Commission
 NETWORK LEVEL   (DG EMPL). Euroguidance colleagues share in-
                 formation on national and pan European policy
                 and strategy level developments in the fields of
                 lifelong learning, career guidance, employment
                 and the promotion of international mobility. The
 ACTIVITIES      meetings also provide a means for discussion and
                 agreement upon issues that are relevant for the
                 whole  Euroguidance  network.  Frequently,  these
                 meetings are used to prepare joint initiatives and
                 to exchange ideas based on the work carried
                 out by the Euroguidance working groups.

                 Euroguidance Network Meeting April
                 2019, Bucharest, Romania
                 In April  2019, Euroguidance Romania and the
                 Institute of Educational Sciences hosted the Eu-
                 roguidance Network meeting in Bucharest. The
                 event took place in ARCUB – The Bucharest Cultural
                 Centre and it was attended by 63 participants from
                 34 countries (network representatives, European
                 Commission representatives, Romanian decision   © Euroguidance Romania
                 makers and experts in the field of guidance). Mr.
                 Ioan Stefan Groza, State Secretary to the Ministry  working mechanism (a coordination fora - the
                 of National Education presented the mandate and  Steering committee and new three main tasks
                 the sectoral priorities of the Romanian Presidency  groups) in order to better respond to the needs
                 of the Council of the European Union; Mrs. Aline  and priorities in the field. Countries decided upon
                 Jürges, Policy Officer, EMPL-E2 Skills & Qualifi-  their membership and responsibilities in different
                 cations, presented the priorities in the area of  main task groups and specific working plans were
                 lifelong guidance and Mr. Mihai Iacob researcher  drafted. The whole event was a great opportunity
                 at the Institute of Educational Sciences Bucharest  to reflect upon the achievements of the network
                 analysed the impact of the digital technologies  so far, to think forward in order to reach the full
                 in career counselling. The main focus of the  potential of the partnership after 2020, along with
                 meeting was on the transition to a new way of  discovering the Romanian cultural richness during
                 working within the network, by establishing a new  memorable informal events.

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