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Euroguidance Network Meeting   Europass by Mr Mika Launikari and updates about
 October 2019, Helsinki, Finland  the new Erasmus+ Programme (2021–2027) by   1.2  Euroguidance
 Mr Carlo Scatoli of DG Employment, Social Affairs
 The second Euroguidance Network meeting of  and Inclusion. Mr Jukka-Pekka Heikkilä facilitated
 2019 was held in Helsinki in October and the  working on the topic “How to coordinate sustain-
 meeting was a part of the European Vocational  able development and green values with inter-  task groups
 Skills Week. 50 participants from Network member  national mobility” with Warm Data Lab method.
 countries attended the two-day meeting which  The Euroguidance Network’s Main Task Groups and
 was held at the Finnish National Agency for  Steering Group convened, and two peer learning
 Education. Most of the topics and themes of the  sessions were undertaken. The Euroguidance
 meeting concerned the next Erasmus+ Programme.  Network members also visited the new Helsinki
 At this meeting, information was provided to the  Central Library Oodi and explored the variety of
 Network regarding the development of the New  services and facilities the library offers for visitors.

                 The three main tasks groups and steering group  Additionally, the following development areas were
                 of the Euroguidance network work on topics and  identified:
                 issues that are of relevance and strategic impor-    •  Sustainable development of the Network
                 tance to the whole network. These groups were  •   Coordination of network level activities
                 formed in April 2019 and deal with strategy; in-    •  Proactive communication with international
                 formation provision and communication; mobility   guidance community and relevant policy
                 and european dimension in guidance activities,   makers on European level
                 developing tools for guidance professionals
                 and competence development. In the following   To contribute to the coordination of network level
                                                          activities, the SG introduced joint action plans, with
                 sections there are short summaries of the main
                 activities and outcomes of these task groups over   follow up between Network meetings. In this way,
                                                          duplication of activities between the groups can be
                                                          avoided. The plan also serves as basis for more
                                                          strategical planning of network level activities, such
                 Steering Group                           as the evaluation activities within the network and
                 A new way of working at network level was   the planning of Network meetings.
                 introduced within the Euroguidance (EG) Network   During  2019 the Steering Group was an active
                 in 2019. The new system built on a structure with   player within the international guidance community
                 a Steering Group and three Main Task Groups,   by participating in and contributing to the Europass
                 corresponding to the main tasks that the EG Net-  Advisory Group meetings, the ICCDPP symposium,
                 work received from the European Commission, in   the Cedefop CareersNet meeting and the IAEVG
                 the call for the present contract period. Through
 © Mirkku Uotila                                          conference. One of the most important activities
                 a voting procedure within the EG Network, Eu-  was the impact assessment of the network's
                 roguidance Sweden and Euroguidance Estonia   activities. To evaluate the Euroguidance activities,
                 were elected leaders of the new Steering Group   the Steering group launched several surveys,
                 (SG).  The other persons in the election round   including a member’s survey, a stakeholder sur-
                 were appointed as chairs and co-chairs of the   vey and a network-level review of Euroguidance
                 Main Task Groups (MTG). All TG chairs became   evaluation and impact measures. Furthermore, the
                 Steering Group members. Additionally, the SG   Steering Group contributed to the European Guid-
                 consists of a non-EU country representative and an   ance Study by focusing on messages regarding the
                 EU-presidency country representative. The first SG   need for international dimension in guidance.
                 was represented by the Austrian, Czech, Estonian,
                 Finnish, French, Icelandic, Romanian and Swedish   Mobility and European dimension in
                 Euroguidance Centres.
                                                          guidance activities, developing tools
                 The new Steering Group formulated visions for its   for guidance professionals
                    •  Internal:  High-level  engagement  of  network  The Main Task Group (MTG  1) productions aim
                    members                               at developing the professional skills of guidance
                    •  External: Euroguidance as a well-known player  practitioners by providing them with information,
                    in the national and international guidance  training and tools useful for their daily practice
                    community                             with end users.

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