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Euroguidance Insight

                                                                                           November 2019

          This edition of Insights is dedicated to the
          ongoing competence development undertaken
          by guidance practitioners. The call for content
          was to submit articles that would highlight the
          variety of supports guidance practitioners
          across Europe engage in within the professional
          delivery    of  their   service,    across    multiple
          contexts. The feedback was overwhelming!

          Through this theme, we have been able to describe
          how the field of career guidance is in rapid
          development all over Europe. Some countries like
          Finland, Greece and Norway are improving the
          education     and    certification  of   their  career

          Other countries, like Croatia, Malta, and Serbia are
          putting   efforts   into   practitioner  training   for
          employees at all levels of the educational system. Other countries share how they have been
          focussing on special needs, like the UK that introduces training for NEETs, Ireland promoting
          competences      for  delivery   with   migrants,   and    Slovakia    for  people    with   disabilities.

          The role of ICT is ever so relevant when we talk about competencies for the guidance practitioner.
          The Estonian article highlights how the use of ICT represents a paradigm shift in guidance and the
          Norwegian example describes how the use of ICT is integrated within public policy being applied in
          the setting up of a new guidance framework.

          From a Network perspective, as ever, international cooperation and training for learning mobility is
          at the forefront of our activities. We have been active in many different international settings such
          as our recent participation at the IAEVG conference, the coordination of Cross Border Seminars
          and through additional structures promoting cooperation for Counsellors / Educators like the VALA

          We are especially pleased to offer an in-depth interview with the newly appointed professor in
          Career Guidance, Prof. Rie Thomsen from the University of Aarhus, who has dedicated her faculty
          life to further professionalising the discipline of career guidance both domestically in Denmark as
          well as internationally.
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