Meeting  Point Library - Lower Austrian office for public libraries (federal funded)

Meeting Point Library (treffpunkt bibliothek) has the task to offer service and support for public librarians and their work within 255 public libraries in the federal province of Lower Austria. Furthermore it is responsible for the development of librarianship as well as for generating visions and strategies to implement the paradigm shift that is taking place: Libraries now, “seen as modern learning hubs close to citizens and (potential) learners,” (Lison & Reip, 2016, p. 9) have been changing and adding new roles and identities to their existing traditional ones. They have been moving beyond the traditional conceptualization of book and culture. Moreover expanding their role in local communities in helping people acquire new skills or improve their skills through different lifelong strategies / opportunities is crucial for social inclusion as well.

New fields and partnerships have been developed, such as the cooperation with Career Guidance & Counselling.

Career Guidance and Counselling in Lower Austria

The Education & Career Counselling Lower Austria (Bildungsberatung Niederöseterreich) is a professional network of eight institutions. All guidance-active organizations work in the different regions of Lower Austria and contribute their expertise. The network offers educational and career counselling free of charge for all adults aged between 15 and 65 years in Lower Austria. A very special target group in Lower Austria consists of people from regional/periphery regions. Over 20 educational guidance counsellors offer around 10,000 consultations at more than 70 locations throughout Lower Austria every year. The counselling formats include individual, group, online, chat and competence counselling, telephone counselling and native-language counselling in various forms. For this purpose, regular mobile and outreach advice and information offers have been set up.

The network is constantly working with relevant stakeholders at local, regional and national levels, such as employment projects, communities, educational institutions, social partnerships, etc. Central measures within the framework of the ESF project "Educational Consulting Austria - Lower Austria Network" (2018 – 2021), focus on "Target group-oriented further development of provider-neutral educational counseling services". 

Ursula Liebmann, MA

General Manager