Euroguidance Centre Italy - ANPAL

Via Fornovo, 8

00192 Roma 

The Euroguidance Centre Italy is based at ANPAL, the National Agency for Active Labour Market Policies in charge of coordinating public and private employment services’ network, implementing policies for the integration of training, education and employment and managing national programmes co-financed by the European Social Fund and by the Youth Employment Initiative.

Since 1994 the Euroguidance Centre Italy has been promoting the European dimension of guidance by:

  • improving knowledge of mobility Programmes and EU transparency tools for skills and qualifications
  • fostering the competence development of guidance practitioners
  • providing information on transnational learning opportunities for learners and workers.

EG Italy closely cooperates with other mobility networks and Programmes (e.g. Erasmus+, EURES, etc) with the aim of helping practitioners in promoting mobility for end users and promoting network level activities and tools at national level among the Italian National dissemination network.

EG Italy invests on capacity building of guidance professionals by offering:

  • training packages, designed to raise awareness on EU mobility tools for skills and qualifications 
  • transnational exchange opportunities, also through the Academia programme.