The Applied Vocational Psychology and Policy research unit (AVOPP)

is a non-profit association which was founded in 2005 by 8 psychologists, educational scientists, statisticians and economists from Belgium, Canada, Germany, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland and Switzerland.

Its objectives are:

  • The development of studies and scientific projects;
  • The scientific accompaniment of similar studies and projects;
  • The external evaluation of studies and scientific projects;
  • The development and promotion of transnational networks;
  • The development and realisation of modules and programmes of qualification for careers advisers, with certification;
  • Consultancy work in relation to measures and programmes of career development within the framework of human resources;
  • The edition and publication of scientific works.

Since its foundation members of the AVOPP have been actively involved in various European research projects, contributed a significant number of communications to major conferences and produced a couple of publications.

AVOPP is based in Luxembourg at the following address:

8, rue Joseph Wester

L-4349 Esch-sur-Alzette


The current Head of Unit is Jean-Jacques Ruppert.

You can contact the unit by mailing to: or

You can also phone the AVOPP on: + 352 691 556196

More information can be found on: