Centro Nacional de Recursos para la Orientación Profesional de España 

The Euroguidance Centre Spain / CNROP - Centro Nacional de Recursos para la Orientación Profesional (National Resource Centre for Vocational Guidance – NRCVG) belongs to the Spanish Ministry of Education and Vocational Training;
Deputy Directorate General for Guidance, VET and Dual VET and its premises are located at the Information and Guidance Unit.

  • C/Los Madrazo 15, 4ª planta, despacho 415 - 28071 MADRID
  • Tel: +34 91 701 8465 / +34 91 506 5661
  • Contact email: 

Since 2000, Academia programme, managed by Euroguidance Centre Spain/CNROP made it possible to organize European mobility for nearly 400 Spanish guidance counselors. Likewise, Euroguidance Spain manages the hosting of the European guidance practitioners visiting Spain. 

Since many years, Euroguidance Centre Spain/CNROP has been promoting the European dimension of Guidance, and supporting the competence development of guidance practitioners by raising their knowledge and their awareness on the value of international mobility for career management and skills development. With the aim of providing relevant and quality information and tools on Guidance and international mobility keeps updated the official Spanish Portal on Guidance and