Employement services of Slovenia, NCIPS / Euroguidance Slovenia

  • ROZNA DOLINA, Cesta IX/6 1000 Ljubljana
  • Tel: +386 1 47 90 986

National Vocational Information and Counselling Centre offers expert help for guidance practitioners in employment and education sectors as well as promote learning mobility among guidance practitioners. Euroguidance Slovenia coordinates career centres of the Employment Service of Slovenia that are available around the country. Career centres provide information needed for planning further education or employment and need assistance in career planning decision making. 

Euroguidance Slovenia activities include:

- collecting information on careers, labour market, education and employment possibilities (these are available free of charge in Euroguidance Slovenia library and career centres around Slovenia);

- establishing and maintaing careers database, video clips about careers and information on education possibilities and financial aids;

- providing guidance tools such as Where and How online guidance program;

- organizing trainings of guidance practitioners, study visits and other exchange programs;

- updating and maintaining online database Learning Opportunities and Qualification in Europe;

- active participation as hosting and sending organisation in Academia network where we enable guidance counsellors from employment and education sector the possibilities to participate in practical trainings in European Union countries;

- active participation in organizing Cross-border seminars.