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The group mainly revised a booklet on mobility  The webinars covered the following topics:                     the Network. Subscription to this communication  For  statistical  information  in  relation  to  www.
                         that  includes  a  list  of  articles  or  research  on  “Phases of adjustment as part of the mobility         will be encouraged over the course of 2020. and the Network Facebook Page
                         mobility themes. It will be made available on  process”, “Night of professions” and “Guidance in                                                        go to the Facts and Figures section.
                         the network’s website in 2020. Further, it was in  school education for young newcomers”.                      Social Media
                         charge of the Academia Exchange programme for   The Euroguidance centres of Czech Republic and                                                          The Euroguidance centres of Austria and Norway
                         guidance professionals in Europe (see chapter 6)                                                               Throughout  2019 the Euroguidance Network’s  have acted as leaders of the group. The other
                         which aims at developing the skills of professionals   Serbia have acted as leaders of the group. The          Facebook Page  continued  to be  used for  the  members involved are the Euroguidance centres
                                                                  other members involved are the Euroguidance
                         through mobility experiences.                                                                                  posting of updates and news about international  in Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany,
                                                                  centres in Belgium (FL), Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece,                    mobility  and  guidance  related  topics  as  well  as  Ireland, Lithuania, Montenegro, Netherlands,
                         Lastly, a presentation of the online course DINAMO  Hungary, Malta, North Macedonia, Poland, Portu-            for showcasing the activities and achievements of  Turkey and the United Kingdom.
                         ( developed  gal, Romania and Slovakia.                                         the Network.
                         by Euroguidance France, was presented at the
                         Euroguidance network meeting in Helsinki. It was   Information provision and
                         launched last year to support and train guidance   communication
                         professionals working on mobility issues. The idea
                         was to share these practices with network mem-  Following the “New Ways of Working” the MTG3
                         bers to get feedback and a possible translation into  “Information provision and Communication” was
                         English. NCGE in Ireland has developed Euro-Quest,  formed in April 2019.
                         (, a free to use programme
                         for Irish post-primary schools promoting education-  Assuming similar responsibilities to the previous            1.3         International
                         al mobility. The Euroguidance Nordic Baltic group is   established ‘Communications and Promotions
                         reflecting on a common tool on this subject, too.  Working Group’; over the course of  2019 the
                                                                  Group supported network-level actions with the
                         The Euroguidance centres of France and Belgium  aim of enhancing and promoting the overall
                         (FR) have acted as leaders of the group. The   visibility of the Euroguidance Network towards its              conferences and cross
                         other members involved are the Euroguidance   primary target group; the European Community of
                         centres in Austria, Croatia, Germany, Ireland, Italy,   Guidance Practice.
                         Latvia, Luxembourg, North Macedonia, Slovenia   As well as assuming responsibility for ‘external’
                         and Spain.                                                                                                     border cooperation
                                                                  communications MTG3 took ownership of internal
                                                                  communications processes and provided support
                         Competence Development                   and guidance to Network members in this regard.
                         The MTG2 supports knowledge, peer learning
                         and skills development within the Euroguidance  Network Website
                         Network as well as in the European guidance
                         community.                               The Euroguidance Network website (www.
                                                         is the central platform through
                         In 2019, the group facilitated the exchange of in-  which the Euroguidance Network provides access
                         formation within the Euroguidance Network during  to information  and  the  main leverage point for            Several international seminars and conferences  Slovak Euroguidance Centre. A rich programme
                         network meetings and other events in relation to  the dissemination of European guidance related               are organised and attended by the Euroguidance  consisting of more than 200 presentations, posters
                         competence development of guidance practitioners  resources to the wider guidance community. In                Centres every year. These bring guidance experts  and workshops provided inspiration for everyday
                         and good guidance practices.             2019, through MTG3, all Euroguidance Centres were                     together to support knowledge sharing and net-  practice.  See conference proceedings here. The
                         Furthermore, webinars on career guidance and   provided with the ability to individually populate              working. Guidance professionals who participate
                                                                  relevant content to this platform. Additional work
                         counselling were opened to the whole guidance                                                                  in these international conferences are also looking
                         community at European level. These give partic-  undertaken in 2019 included changes to the layout             for new potential partners for EU-funded project
                                                                  and structure of the site, promoting enhanced
                         ipants the opportunity to become familiar with                                                                 cooperation and exploring possibilities to go on
                         projects, initiatives, policies and practices in schools   navigability.                                       study visits to other countries.
                         and other institutions and organisations across
                         Europe.  It  also  enables  participants  to  network  Network Publications                                    IAEVG Conference and Symposium
                         with colleagues from other countries. Presenters   In addition to the (previous)  2018  ‘Highlights’           2019
                         were Euroguidance Network members and other   publication, MTG3 coordinated the publication of
                         guests from the European guidance community.   two issues of the Euroguidance Network’s ‘Insight’              On September  11-13, more than  500 scientists,
                         The structure for each webinar was designed to   Magazine in 2019.                                             practitioners and policy makers in career guidance
                         be interactive, incorporating a  30-45 minutes’                                                                and social inclusion from 46 countries gathered in
                         presentation, followed by a Q&A session and  In December 2019, a third communication channel                   Bratislava for the 2019 Conference of the Interna-
                         open discussion. Webinars have all been recorded  was established, the ‘Euroguidance Network                   tional Association for Study and Vocational Guid-
                         and are available at  ‘Newsletter’- a monthly e-mail communication                ance. The congress entitled “Career Counselling
                         resources/video-gallery/recorded-webinars.   highlighting up to date and relevant news from                    for an Inclusive Society” was co-organised by the  © Euroguidance Slovakia

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